Prism Hypnosis

Happy, Healthy Kids
Today, kids are faced with stiff competition from around the world. They are over-stimulated and over-stressed. We use hypnosis to help children address their fears and emotions. It builds a positive self image and motivation.
We help teens deal effectively with academic challenges, bullying and peer pressure. Hypnosis does not replace practice and studying. Rather, our students enhance their performance by staying calm with superb focus and recall during preparation and the exam.

We help parents communicate without yelling and listen without passing judgment so that kids will tell you how they’re feeling.

Happy Healthy Teens

Hypnosis can help children address their fears and emotions to deal effectively with bullying and peer pressure. It builds a positive self-image and motivation.

As reported on the Mayo Clinic’s website, trials have shown that hypnotic suggestions of waking up in a dry bed help some children stay dry throughout the night. Dr. Weiner has had great success using hypnosis to stop school age bed-wetting. Call for references.



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