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Dr. Ira N. Weiner CHT and Edwina P. Weiner CHT

Dr. Ira Weiner and Edwina Weiner bring more than 25 years’ experience to the practice of therapeutic hypnosis. They also teach self-hypnosis and lead corporate seminars to both employees and employers on how to use hypnosis to achieve a healthy and satisfying lifestyle. Both are certified by the National Guild of Hypnotists.

Dr. Ira Weiner, CHT
Dr. Ira Weiner

Dr. Weiner is a graduate of Syracuse University and received his medical degree from Kirksville College of Osteopathic Medicine. He practiced medicine in Brooklyn, N.Y. and later in Syracuse, N.Y. for over 35 years. During his early days as a practicing physician, Dr. Weiner took coursework in hypnosis at Columbia Presbyterian Hospital and became impressed with its potential to help his patients improve their lives. Besides his work in the medical field, Dr. Weiner has long been active in civic and charitable causes; he was a founding member of the B’nai B’rith Chapter in Brooklyn and chairman of its community action committee, and he was also a Mason.

Edwina Weiner, CHT
Edwina Weiner
Edwina Weiner received her BA from Hunter College. A school teacher for much of her career, she completed post-graduate work in education. She became certified in hypnosis later and then experienced its benefits herself while being treated for breast cancer. Edwina became a founding member of Race for the Cure in Syracuse and a volunteer for the Cancer Hope Network. Her volunteer work on behalf of cancer patients has received recognition in New Jersey, where she has worked with patients undergoing chemotherapy for free to help them handle discomfort, stress over hair loss, and other symptoms.

Both Dr. Ira Weiner and Edwina Weiner have had great success helping clients achieve goals such as quitting smoking, losing weight, or overcoming unhealthy habits. They have appeared in the media and have been public speakers for civic and business groups as well as the State of New York Health Center.



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