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After early success to end smoking, a return to handle stress

Ida Zito has found well-being through hypnosis not once, but twice. (read her story)

Getting rid of stress through hypnosis proves a good career move

Ron Laborde wanted to pursue an MBA to further his finance career.
But first he had to take the GMAT. As he prepared for it, Laborde felt more and more anxiety.
(read his story)


Looking for an Approach that Works?

Is there something that is keeping you from being the best you can be? Do you smoke? Do you need a drink to relax? Have you tried to lose weight, but keep eating the same unhealthy foods?

Do you feel overwhelmed, unable to balance the demands of work and family, or perhaps a heavy course load at school? Does the thought of an important test terrify you, even when you have prepared?

Do you have unhealthy habits you want to break?

Hypnosis is the answer.

Let Dr. Ira Weiner and Edwina Weiner help you meet life’s challenges and achieve wellness. As certified hypnotists, they have produced positive results for more than 25 years.

Ira and Edwina have the experience, training, and unique skills to help you identify and reach your goals for a satisfying and healthy life.  Before beginning hypnosis, they listen carefully to your personal objectives, the reasons you are ready to embrace change, and any concerns that you may have about reaching these goals, health issues, or hypnosis in general.

They have the wisdom, insight, and judgment to impart hypnotic suggestions that truly relate to the person that you are.

They tailor the message to match your personality, strengths, weaknesses, fears and hopes. The suggestions will serve as a clear road map for effectively implementing the change you desire. Each session will empower you to attain lasting dramatic results.

Convenient to fit your lifestyle.

We maintain flexible hours to meet your schedule. Sessions can be held at our office or on the phone. Phone sessions are equally effective. Call for a free phone consultation at 732-239-8333. Ira and Edwina are available to answer any questions or just to give you added support anytime you need it on the phone (like a life coach on call).

Committed to your lifelong success.

One of the main ingredients to a successful hypnosis experience is your ability to trust the integrity and skills of your hypnotist. Dr. Ira Weiner learned at Columbia Presbyterian Hospital how to use hypnosis when he was a practicing physician. Edwina Weiner became certified after a successful career as a school teacher. Both are certified by the National Guild of Hypnotists and remain active in continuing education. Ira and Edwina now practice hypnosis exclusively to bring their knowledge and experience to clients seeking positive results. Clients report that the rapport and closeness they feel truly makes a difference in the outcome.



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